Christopher a débarqué tout droit de Los Angeles où il travaillait pour Blizzard Entertainment, pour intégrer Allegorithmic comme UI Designer. Quelle est sa vie aujourd’hui à Clermont-Ferrand et chez Allegorithmic ?

Why Allegorithmic ?

Allegorithmic is actually the other reason why I moved to Clermont-Ferrand. I had heard about them through the game industry, and had the opportunity to meet different UI artists using their software, who were all extremely positive not only about its quality, but also about the team’s mindset and creativity.

So when my wife and I decided to move back to Europe, Allegorithmic was the first company I get in touch with: it was both located close to our family and potentially providing a great work experience. Luckily, there was an opportunity that matched my profile and my ambitions. I applied, and got hired. During the process, I was able to meet with different people from the team and could directly see that they would provide a great working environment: they were passionate, clearly skilled, they were challenging, but also very respectful and positive. Trust and communication are central, which enables a good balance between autonomy and collaboration.

How did you end up moving in Clermont-Ferrand, and how do you feel about the city ?

I had already visited the city a few years ago, as it is my wife’s family hometown, and I had a really nice feeling about it at the time. After living in many different parts of the world, we decided to move back to Europe in order to get closer to our families, and started looking for job opportunities. So Clermont was one of the logical options.
My first feeling turned out to be true: the city itself is really nice. Its size is pleasant – not too big, but you can find all you need and more: the French restaurants are high-quality, the architecture is extremely interesting with buildings from different periods; there are many small artist shops all around the historic downtown… It is very dynamic. The International Film Festival is also a very cool time of the year. Plus, the fact that it is located in the middle of the country and very close to Lyon makes it very easy to travel, both in France and abroad.
Also, the surroundings are amazing: the volcanoes, the lakes… the nature itself is very diverse. And because it is so close to the city, so easily accessible, it’s like you have one hundred places in just one. You always have something new to discover.

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